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2017 Annual Membership Meeting Overview

The Annual Meeting of members of the Museum of Bus Transportation took place on Saturday, October 28th, 2017. The meeting and luncheon were held at the Museum, while Prevost and MCI provided motorcoaches for trips to the Annex afterward. Over 50 members of the Museum of Bus Transportation were in attendance.

The meeting was opened by David Schmidt, Board Chair. The guest speaker was Mr. Victor Parra, retired President/CEO of the United Motorcoach Association. Mr. Parra spoke on the changes that occurred during the 19 years while he was at the helm of the United Motorcoach Association. Some of those events were the start of the American with Disabilities Act, the attacks on 9/11, the hurricanes that occurred and all of the regulations that have come about in the industry. Mr. Parra also spoke about the changes in technology. He named those changes, and how they have affected the motorcoach industry, including GPS, cell phones, texting, and ticketing. He went on to discuss that where when he started, buses were still using VHS systems, they changed to DVD to know where most people just want good internet signal so they can download their own movies and entertainment on their own individual smart phones or tablets.

During that membership meeting, the financials were provided to those in attendance. That financial report can be found on this website, as well. The Museum of Bus Transportation had a very good year of income, almost doubling the income from the year before. However, expenses were much higher as well, as the Museum updated this website, purchased other Marketing Materials and also designed and implemented a comprehensive security program for the Annex. These were all one-time expenses, and still the Museum came out as of October, about $7,000.00 short of balancing the budget. During this time, Mr. John Oakman volunteered a one-time $1,000.00 donation, and there were others who took up the challenge. There will be an end of the year fund-raising campaign to have a positive year-end budget.

Also during the meeting, awards were given for service provided to the Museum. The following were recognized:

Merit of Honor:           Oliver and Sharon Ogden

Service Awards:          Tom Collins, Robert Smith, and John Dockendorf

Volunteer Award for 1000 Hours:      Ken McNelis

The 2017 Board of Directors results were announced, with John Dockendorf, Howard Nice, and Angle Tollens earning the most votes. They will assume their Board positions in January 2018 for a 3-year term.

The Events Committee was able to raise over $2,100.00 in donations to help cover costs of the Annual Meeting. Lunch was served on site from Daphnos Catering.