Fleet Update Part 1

Some other news regarding our fleet as we continue to recover from last year’s flood. Service First recently completed work on the PD 4103, PD 4106 and MC-5C. There are no other vehicles that we have to run through their program. The PD 4103 has an entirely new black floor which is nearly identical to to the original floor this bus had. This new floor replaced the floor that was in the bus when we received it several years ago, a type of linoleum floor which was in bad shape. Thank you to the folks at Service First. for the great work.

We had two mechanics from SEPTA visit the annex (on their day off) to work on the engine on the Volvo B-10M. It appears there was extensive damage to the underfloor engine from the flood waters and mud so it is unlikely this bus will ever run again. However they were able to free up the braking system which will enable us to tow the bus around the property and eventually onto the museum floor once we complete additional interior cleaning. Thank you to these two maintainance folks from SEPTA for your efforts.


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