Friday, April 17, 2009

Can you believe the Museum of Bus Transportation’s SPRING FLING is a mere 7 weeks away? I can tell you from past experience–plan on a HOT weekend–last year I believe it was the hottest weekend of the year! Yes, and it was only June.

We are really looking forward to this year’s event because it is our first 2-day affair–beginning on Friday, June 5th and ending on Saturday, June 6th. We have already planned our first work day to begin cleaning up. Tom Mozer and Dan Lehman will be at the Annex today to begin to get the building ready–turning on the water, making sure there are no leaks, mowing the grass for the first time this year. We have a new mower–so that should make things easier. If you have a little time today–and are close enough–you can come down and help out. I’m sure there are weeds to be taken care of and trimming to be done.

If you are a vendor, have you reserved your table? If not, please visit our Current Activities page on our website ( and click on VENDOR Information to print out a Reservation Form which MUST be sent in with your check to hold a table(s) for you. If you are a VISITOR, have you made your reservation for a hotel? Do you have your day/weekend planned out? Don’t hesitate to email us ( for any additional information.

We will have food available at the Spring Fling–Pastor Dan Lehman does a GREAT job–so not to worry about getting enough to eat–just bring money!

There is still time to volunteer to help the week prior to the Spring Fling–we will be setting up chairs/tables, cleaning the floors, mowing grass, cutting weeds–you know, all the stuff to make it look pretty! If you can help us out even for a few hours one day, please email us at to let us know when you will be there. We have already had a great response from people letting us know they are coming–so this should prove to be our best SPRING FLING ever!


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