Friday, September 16, 2011 UPDATE

Volunteers at the Annex today were: Ed Wolf, Mr. Johnson and Tom Mozer.


– More buses drained (oil, etc.)
Trash pickup:

National Guard made pickups of most of our trash including the refrigerator, microwave, computer and backup.


– PPL contacted regarding certification, etc. Still no power as of 3:45 pm–will followup.

– FEMA: Meeting with them on Monday (at the Harrisburg Mall office)


– two firms due in Saturday to survey the bus cleanup and give us estimates.

Miscellaneous Bus Info:

– H and L was to pickup the Harran Flxible to transport to Museum (the Museum will clean it up for us as it will now become part of the “full size” sign in front of the Museum)

– ABC (Clancy Cornell)called and has okayed the move of the Flxible two–level to Camden.

Work Session:

Saturday (tomorrow) will be another workday with more cleanup.


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