Happy 65th Anniversary Motor Bus Society

All of us at the museum wish to extend our congratulations to the Motor Bus Society as they celebrate their 65th anniversary this year. Founded in 1948 as the National Motor Bus Association, the purpose of the MBS is the collection and publication of the history and development of the bus industry in North America. Twice per year, the MBS holds conventions where members travel to visit bus operations and tour bus garages and related facilities in and around the area the convention is based. The MBS also participates in our annual Spring Fling, renting a table to sell current and back issues of their publications along with bus memorabillia. Later this week the MBS will hold the first of two special 4 day conventions commerating this special anniversary as members gather in Secaucus, NJ and from Thursday thru Sunday will be touring in New York City area and New Jersey. This Fall the MBS will hold it’s first ever overseas convention, a 4 day gathering based in London England. Again congratulations to the MBS and best wishes for 2 successful conventions this year.

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