It’s Almost Annual Meeting Day

We’re getting ready to welcome those who will be attending the MBT annual meeting this Saturday. A full day is planned, mixing business with fun. We are also looking forward to welcoming Maureen Leo from Lakeland Bus Lines and her presentation on their operation. A reminder that coffee & danish will be served from 8:30-10:00AM followed by Maureen Leo’s presentation. After a brief pause for the raffles, the annual MBT business meeting will take place, followed by a buffet lunch and the afternoon bus fan tour on one of Lakeland’s new MCI coaches. For those who will not be taking the bus tour, the annex will be open, however no transportation will be provided, you may drive your own vehicle to the annex. The detailed schedule for this Saturday is listed in a previous post.

For those who are attending, we can’t wait to see you and safe travel to all.


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