Monday, April 13, 2009

Continuing my blog on donations–another innovate way to donate:

CASH: A quick and easy gift. A cash gift by check is one of the most common and easiest methods for making an outright charitable contribution. If you itemize income tax deductions on your tax return, the first tangible benefit of making a gift by cash or check is the tax deduction for the full value of your gift.

Did you know you can also PLEDGE a certain amount and pay that monthly to the Museum through PAYPAL??? PayPal is a very secure way to make your payments to the Museum and they can automatically be deducted from your checking account or charge to the credit card of your choice on a monthly basis….somewhat like supporting Public Television–only you would be supporting Your Museum! Our PayPal payment address is our email address: This just might turn out to be a less “painful” way to make a donation–you can still deduct the donation off your taxes–just you are giving it on a monthly basis–rather than in one lump sum.

Why am I talking about donations? Well, as many of you know–we are in need of further indoor storage for our fleet and we would like to be able to have the cash to do that. Storing our buses out of the weather is important. Even with the best laid plans of men, this winter, with all of the heavy winds we experienced in the lower Susquehanna Valley, several of our “covered” buses were “uncovered” by the high winds.


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