Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to seeing some of the stranger things as you travel around the country…I found this:

Josephine Stapleton began decorating her front lawn in Mays Landing, NJ, with milk jugs in the late 1960s. Her displays included over 2,000 jugs at one time. She began collecting them to build a barricade to keep the kids with mini-bikes and dune buggies off her front lawn. She saved about 400 on her own, then family, friends and even passers-by started dropping them off. Somewhere along the line, she started painting the jugs and creating colored patterns with them.
She used two methods to color her jugs. Her favorite method was painting them but this was time-consuming (requiring two coats) and costly (filling the bottoms with cat litter). The other way was by using food coloring or fabric dye and water. This made the jugs heavier and there were problems with freezing in winter.

Here’s what it looked like in 2007. I understand the lady has since moved and this no longer is on display.

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