Monday, September 29, 2011 UPDATE

Today was mainly an administrative day.The insurance adjuster is slated to visit the Annex tomorrow. In advance, he informed us that often, when water goes over a dashboard, they simply total a vehicle. We surely don’t want to do that with most of the vehicles at the Annex. Hoping to opt for super cleanup and new upholstery, etc.

The dumpster was to be delivered late this afternoon – one day early.

PPL (our power company)–very frustrating here. Tom Collins contacted PPL again (on hold for nearly 30 minutes before actually being transferred to the commercial division). They now inform us that the Certification copy must be at the actual location. It was faxed, by the firm on Friday – now that is not good enough. Hoping for power tomorrow!! The gentleman who did the Certification was called by Woodcock Electrical (he lives in Liverpool, PA.) He will be at our facility tomorrow.

Tuesday (September 20), we will have a crew on duty (another restoration firm, Zales, will inspect our units while the crew is there).


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