More Post Flood Clean Up Report

Tom Mozer sends the following post flood recovery and Spring Fling prep work report:

May 2, 2012: Ken McNelis,Tom Mozer, Ed Wolf,Tom Collins were at the annex, the following work took place: Steering Wheel removed from Jamaica to Altoona, Mail Box installed, No Trespass signs installed. Batteries charged on the Golden Gate bus and the Volvo, Repaired bathroom from flood damage. Installed shelves, medicine cabinet and mirror.

Bulletin Board installed in tool room. Mrs. Smith’ s lawn repaired. Repaired skid in pit. Re-set Alarm system. Waiting for Septa Mechanics at Museum. Supervised Harran installation at Museum and removal of Ford. Volvo on blocks for Septa mechanics. Towed Harran to Museum and returned Ford to Annex.

Ed Wolf brought diesel fuel and portable air compressor. Carburetor for Williamsburg rebuilt at Wolf’s and is now in tool room.

May 21, 2012: Ken McNelis,Tom Mozer,Tom Collins,Ken Thomas,Tom Conley,James Mahraj at the annex, following work took place:Administrative work and standby for SEPTA mechanics.

SEPTA Volvo: Charge batteries and troubleshoot.  36 Chevrolet: Tried to start. Took battery out and worked on carburetor.Golden Gate: Charge batteries and move into garage.Grass cut and weed whack .

Manuals placed in tool room. Inventory tables. Replaced steering wheel on Altoona.

We were not able to start Volvo . This is the only flood damaged bus we could not get running. However, it would not start before the flood.

May 31, 2012

Ken McNelis &;Tom Mozer at the annex. Cleaned tables from flood and move to museum. New batteries purchased for 36 Chevrolet.Peter Pan GMC: Charge batteries and move outside.Golden Gate: Replace batteries.

June 1, 2012

Ken McNelis,Tom Mozer & Ed Wolf at the annex. 36 Chevrolet: New battery installed and car moved to museum.Golden Gate: Prep for delivery to museum.Check all batteries with Ed Wolf’s tester.General housekeeping. Prep for Saturday tool donation delivery.

Thank You all for your work.


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