More Post-Flood Work Activity To Report

Some more post-flood work activity to report: On Feb.1st the Bonanza MC-9 was moved from the Service 1st Restoration facility to Ed Wolf’s garage, and the Red Rose Flxible was removed from the annex by the salvage company. On Feb.2nd Ed Wolf worked on the MCI-5, the foot brake valve is stuck and the brakes could not be released. The old valve was removed and rebuilt, a new foot valve on order. Over the past few weeks, Ed Wolf moved or oversaw the moving of the following: the Peter Pan bus and the 4106 were moved back to the annex, the 4103 was moved to Service 1st Restoration, the Capitol 4104 is at the Wolf’s garage with the transmission removed. A used transmission obtained from Crawford. The output shaft is loose and a new seal will be installed. The Michaud bus is at Ed Wolf’s garage, new wiring front to back, air & oil warning lights work but no guages, ready to go back to the annex. The Jamaica Lines fishbowl will be going to the salvage yard. A big thank you to Ed Wolf for the many hours of work and overseeing the bus moves.


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