More Recent Post Flood Work

Some more recent post-flood clean up activity: On April 5th, Ed Wolf helped with moving the 4104 to the annex and the Bonanza MC9 to his garage. On April 17th Tom Collins, Dan Lehman, Ken McNelis, Ed Wolf and Tom Mozer assisted with the following: Moving the Bonanza MC9 to the annex and parking inside, charged the battery of the 36 Chevy and some prep for museum display, charged the battery of the 4106 and moved it to the restoration facility. James Mahraj oversaw the removal of the Orion by the salvage company and the moving of the Peninsula Charter Lines Ford from museum to the annex. Cal Little assisted with many tasks at the annex: repairing the fence and front gate, met with the sign shop, helped to plan the grading of the annex lot, installing property signs, cleaned annex yard of debris, removed trash and put in dumpster, repaired neighbor’s lawn damaged by tow trucks, put down grass patch and top soil, obtained and put down skids for pit, secured electrical box, labeled tool chest, grass cut and weeds whacked, water turned on to annex building and purged system of air. Thank you all for the time and work

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