Saturday, April 18, 2009

This morning I’d like to tell you about our 1940 WHITE, Model 786-1. It arrived at the Museum on June 30, 2001, donated by Michael Glikin and Jan Okonsky. This bus, serial number 224837, was delivered to its first owner, Michael DeCorso, dba Summit – New Providence Bus Line, in October, 1940. Mr. De Corso had formed his bus line in 1920 and operated the White along with about 15 other buses in school, contract, and local and long distance charter service. The White was one of his first-line charter buses through the early 1950s, seeing many charters to points such as Washington, DC, and Atlantic City, NJ.

In later years, the bus was used in school and contract service. Glikin and Okonsky purchased the bus from DeCorso in 1971, and they have owned the bus almost as long as it was in service for DeCorso. The bus is the first bus registered as an antique vehicle in the State of New Jersey. In 1985, the bus was repainted in the livery of Red & Tan Lines, Fleet No. 19. Red & Tan was a well known user of White buses. Bayshore Bus Company of Bayonne, NJ, has provided inside storage of the bus since the late 1970’s.

This White bus has a 12-cylinder opposed-piston gas engine mounted mid-ship under floor of the bus, with a three-speed synchromesh transmission. It has a top speed capability of 75 miles per hour, and gas mileage of two or three miles per gallon!

We know it better as our “World’s Fair” bus that was a vital advertising medium for our Museum as it sat out by the signage for the Museum near the road–you couldn’t miss the fact that this was the Museum of Bus Transportation! In fact, we were happy to highlight this bus on one of our first postcards, which is today, still one of our best sellers. It is currently having the interior refurbished by Bergen Auto Upholstery in New Jersey and will also have its roof repainted.


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