Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wow, going to be 85 here today in the Susquehanna Valley–gets me to wondering if we are going right into summer! With the Spring Fling just a mere 6 weeks away–just want to impress on everyone that we do not have control of the weather.

Last year, we had cool nights and then several VERY HOT days just as we came upon the Spring Fling and unfortunately this created a problem with the floors–they continued to weep moisture — so please be aware we have no control over this if it happens again. Remember, the building is NOT heated during the winter–so the cement floor has been cold for many months. The floors are clean–but the moisture can sit on the floors (even after we put down and swept up moisture rentention material several time) because of the weather conditions.

But on a brighter note–we are heading towards nicer weather–and our outside display of buses is always a treat–this is the only time of the year that we do this and have it open to the public! So come and take advantage of this opportunity. We try to arrange the buses so that they can be photographed–not always a possibility–but we do our best.

Someone asked me how to post a comment to our blog–let’s see if I can explain it here–it is fairly simple but there are several steps to the process. First, click on the “comments” words at the bottom of the post you are interested in chatting about. Then type in your comments. You will see a box that says “post comments”–click on that and then you will be taken to a screen with words/letters/numbers that you have to type into a box–this helps to avoid spammers from commenting on the blog. Type those letters/numbers into that box and click okay. Then I am notified there is a comment–I check on it to be sure it is legitimate and not a spammer–and I okay it for publication. It is fairly easy and I encourage you to make comments on my blog. If you are still experiencing problems doing this–email me ( Thanks.


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