Saturday, May 29, 2010

The First All-Steel Clipper

In 1938 Flxible came out with a new 25 passenger Clipper that looked visually very similar to the previous years model, but had significant changes when inspected closely. This was the first model that had an all steel frame that was built as a unit (instead of a body mounted on a frame) and incorporated a rear engine design. This was the first Clipper-style bus that featured a flat side wall with no fenders. To compensate for the lack of true fenders, early paint designs usually featured a two-color design to emulated the look of streamlined fenders. You can identify this unit by its flat side walls and a driver’s window with is taller than the rest of the rectangular side windows. In 1939, Flxible increased the seating capacity of the clipper to 29 passengers by adding a seventh side window and extending the coach length (and its wheelbase) by 36 inches.

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