Saturday, September 17, 2011 UPDATE

Saturday, Sept 17th – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Volunteers: Ed Wolf, Jason Mellot, Dan Lehman, Phil Cray, Tom Collins. Dan came with a friend but I don’t have his name.

We were surprised by a group of 22 Lower Dauphin High School (Hummelstown’s High School) students–part of a volunteer group dispatched from the school to help where needed! They wanted to help the home located in front of our property but those people felt they did not need the help and suggested that maybe we did. WOW, these kids worked for two solid hours. They removed everything from the mobile office. They took the file cabinets out of the building (we may be able to save them). ALL items in the mobile office had to be thrown away–it was all a soggy mess. The kids did salvage some of the pictures and always asked us about stuff before tossing it out. They came equipped with trash bags, etc. We were VERY impressed with their work. Thank you!

ED and Jason worked on buses in the garage and out–draining them. Only a few more to go. Ed is returning on Tuesday.

Phil and Tom Collins removed the trash the students took out of the mobile office along with the items Jot took out earlier in the week. Phil and Tom did the same with the storage trailer. Bus parts were retained but ALL paper goods were soggy and were destroyed. There are only a few paper items remaining at the upper end of the trailer.

Dan was very helpful–his low boy trailer came in handy for Phil and Tom to truck away the trash to the edge of Union Deposit Road for the township to pick up. He assisted with trash disposal and opened up all buses for drying. He also supplied the crew with a hot dog lunch and water. Thanks to Dan and the township picking up the trash, we, most likely, will NOT need the dumpster we ordered for Tuesday.

Jamie Novinger-Tailgo, President of Service 1st Restorations and her Operations Manager stopped by to look over the fleet. This firm is used by the AACA, and two local fire companies. The came highly recommended. They inspected the buses and the 1936 Chevrolet. They will work with us and the insurance carrier as soon as we get some feedback from the insurance carrier. They said that we have a lot of vehicle damage but they have “seen and worked on worse.”

Zales Restorations called yesterday and were to come by today but they did not show.

We feel we are making progress.

We had a GREAT team effort–thank you everyone!


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