Sunday, April 26, 2009

I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but the Susquehanna Valley was downright HOT yesterday–our thermometer read 87 degrees!

It was a gorgeous day to mow and be outside and I have to tell you–we live out in the country–people around here actually call is “out in the COUNTY”–we live in Lancaster County–beautiful rolling hills and gorgeous farmland and we actually live on a farm!

We went out early Saturday morning to catch a few garage sales and as we walked out of the house about 7 am we heard a strange bird! Wondering what that was, we stopped in our tracks and listened and sure enough–there it went again…..Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! Yes, a flock of wild turkeys were in our woods! They were so funny during the day–saw them several times but not long enough to get a picture of them–as soon as they spotted us they hiked back into the woods! Sure made our day! And, I might add–with the hot weather we had overnight–our windows were open all night and Tom Turkey was our wake up call this morning! One of them was right under our window. We have lots of beautiful birds come to our feeders–red-winged black birds, cardinals, goldfinches, Baltimore orioles, downy woodpeckers, all kinds of finches, towies, chippies. Across at the barn are the swallows (they are not here yet this year). In the big tree up on the hill behind the house we have a pair of red-tailed hawks and a great-horned owl.

Sorry, I know this wasn’t bus related–but sure was fun writing about it!


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