Sunday, August 16, 2009

Even though it is not a BUS per se – this next book is about an American icon–the Taxi!

The American Taxi – A Century of Service by Ben Merkel and Chris Monier is a great addition to the Gift Shop. This introduction to the world of taxicabs photographically chronicles the evolution of the American motorized taxi from its humble beginnings as electric hansom cabs to the current gas/electric hybrid SUVs currently appearing on both coasts.

Enjoy the Taxi experience through photographs and the history of famous taxi marques, such as Yellow, General, Checker, DeSoto, Packard, Plymouth, Ford, & Studebaker – many minor companies are also represented with forgotten names like Rockwell, Five Boros, Paramount, Hupmobile and Diamond T. Also includes brief sections on contributions of John D Hertz, Morris Markin and John and James Waters.

Oddball experiments, unusual taxis, lights, meters, and taxi memorabilia are highlighted.
This book has 450 illustrations and 144 pages and sells for $34.95. Again, you can purchase it off the shelf in the Gift Shop or you can purchase it online using PayPal ( Please add $5.00 shipping/handling for a total of $39.95. Please use our email address when paying through PayPal and be sure to include the title of the book. Thanks!

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