Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Board has decided another way to raise some funds is to sell some of our excess fleet. One of the first items up for sale is our TriVan.

Manufactured in 1962 by the Roustabout Company in Frackville, Pennsylvania (USA) the Trivan was a 3-wheeled lorry with a fully enclosed cab for two people. With seven years of testing, the vehicle was designed by C. Harry Payne, who was also became known as The father of the Jeep*, the originator of the military Jeep in 1939 that was used so heavily during World War II.

Roustabout built the TriVan from 1962-1964 with a Kohler 32hp two-cylinder air-cooled engine, three-speed manual transmission and air bag suspension. The Trivan had a fiberglass body attached to a heavy duty steel tube chassis and airbag suspension. All models had an open pick up type rear body with drop down sides. A fully enclosed rear body was designed for a prototype but never manufactured.

Production ceased in 1964 after 112 vehicles had been made. A number of them were purchased by East Coast Trailways affiliates.

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