Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon–pack up the kids and your spouse/significant other and head for the Museum! Yes, we are open on Sunday–9 to 5 pm and it is a wonderful venue for people of all ages. Why not invite Grandma and Grandpa along so they can reminisce about the “old days”.

Another nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon when you have some free time is to VOLUNTEER at the Museum. We are always looking for people to be on the floor and we get a large amount of families on Sunday afternoons. In 2008, we had a total of 14 different volunteers (and please note, they are not just Board Members!) who decided to help us out up close and personal with the buses. AND, they are not just local people either–they come from as far away as Baltimore, the Philadelphia suburbs, and New Jersey! These 14 volunteers put in a total of 1,136.5 hours–that is quite an accomplishment! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Oliver Ogden ( and he will be happy to fill you in on the details of signing up as a volunteer with the Museum. We also have several volunteers who help out at the Memorial Annex, either working on buses or working on the grounds–yes, folks, we have approximately 2 acres of grounds to keep up and during the summer months, that means mowing the grass and keeping after the weeds! So there is always something to be done. If you would like to volunteer at the Memorial Annex, please contact Dan Lehman, Fleet Manager ( and he can give you the schedule for the upcoming season.

Several of our newest volunteers stepped up to the plate after our Annual Meeting in October and we want to say a big thank you to them for doing that! Remember, this is YOUR museum! We are all volunteers and we always need more help. Spring and better weather is on its way (did you remember to turn your clocks ahead?) and these two areas give you an excuse to get out!


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