Sunday, May 17, 2009

The May 2009 issue of the National Bus Trader has a great article starting on page 23 entitled “Bus Museums – Preserving Our Industry Heritage.” Written by Larry Plachno.

It is a great article that not only features our Museum but several others: New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center (they will have an information table at our Spring Fling so you can find out all about them), Chicagoland Historical Bus Museum, Greyhound Bus Museum and the Pacific Bus Museum. Of the five museums talked bout, only our museum and the Greyhound Bus Museum have permanent homes and have buses on display for the general public to see.

Although we are not the ONLY bus musueum–we are certainly grateful that we have a permanent home and can display our buses 7 days a week. AND, take great pride in our entire fleet when we are able to display them for the upcoming SPRING FLING. See you in 3 weeks!


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