Sunday, May 3, 2009

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog–I’ve dug up some more information about our bus. First, here is a picture of the original driver and hostess on our bus: 5-Star Hostess Marsha Plexico and Operator Al Plexico.

Of course, food service on board a bus was the main attraction. The menu included chilled fruit juices (tomato, orange and grapefruit), hot consomme, assorted sandwiches, donuts, cookies and various beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, iced or hot tea, milk and soft drinks). The additional 5-Star service charge between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a nine hour and fifteen minute run in 1956, was only $2.00 and included all you cared to eat!

Our particular bus was the last Golden Eagle set up as a 5-Star car. The bus originally ran in the New York City-St. Louis-Los Angeles service but since that schedule’s end, it was used as a charter car out of Panhandle’s Amarillo home base.

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