Sunday, November 27, 2011 UPDATE

Friday and Saturday work accomplished:

SEPTA Volvo B-10M – Washed underfloor engine bay, electrical panel and redid
floor. Bus is now completed.

Amtran T6H4523 – Washed engine bay, exterior and interior. Bus is now completed.

TGH3102 – Washed exterior and interior of front of bus. Bus is now completed.

AM General 9635A – Washed engine bay, all compartments, exterior and interior. Bus is now

Harran Flxible Visicoach – Washed engine bay, luggage bay, all compartments, exterior and interior (twice). Completely redid interior. Washed the seats twice on both washings (were terribly silted up). Bus is now completed.

The power washing of all buses was completed by sundown on Saturday. Mission accomplished.

Note that all of the buses that were outside during the flood had an extreme amount of silt inside, and washing them was pretty disagreeable work. When the water inside dries, the interior floor will need to be scraped and wet vacuumed to remove the last of the silt (Volvo, Williamsburg, Amtran, AM General and Harran). The silt from these buses that was broomed out the doors onto the ground also needs to be shoveled up and removed – it is a sticky mess that will be tracked inside the buses again.

A BIG THANK YOU again to our volunteers–we would have never been able to accomplish this except for a few dedicated volunteers.


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