Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just to clarify something–from a comment made on yesterday’s Blog–believe me we didn’t LET this happen. This flooding was 10 feet higher than any flooding on record–no one in their wildest dreams ever thought this could happen. Most of those buses outside do not run under their own power–it would have taken dozens of tow trucks or flatbeds to move them–hindsight is wonderful. What we need now is help in cleaning up, fund raising to restore and support for those who are willing to work.

This flooding surprised everyone….no one had an idea that this rain would stall over the Hershey area. If you have read any of the news, the entire Hershey/Hummelstown area has been flooded….you can’t plan for that. This is not a time for blame–this is a time for action, healing–helping us clean up these buses, the Annex, raising money to restore what we can salvage.


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