Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whew–aren’t you glad TAX DAY is over again for this year! Well, I think I probably wrote enough about donations for a while (no I won’t give up–just taking a little break)….thought today I’d highlight one of our newer buses – not newer to the fleet – just newer in years–maybe I should say “younger”.

Back in 2007, James Ditch, VP and Operations Manager for Long Beach Public Transportation Company, read about us in “Bus Ride” (thanks to Bob Beard) and contacted us about donating the 4701 – a GM RTS II! They completely rehabbed the vehicle in their shop several years ago and felt that they had gotten as much local publicity out of the coach that they could and so they offered it to us. We were pleased to accept it!

Although we could have driven the vehicle from California back to Pennsylvania, we opted to send out a flat bed unit to truck it in, and at the last minute, our generous board member Dino Mandros paid for the transportation! Thanks Dino.

The 4701 looks as though it just rolled out the back door of the Pontiac, Michigan, plant. It is hard to convince our visitors that they are looking at a 30-year old bus.


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