Thursday, April 30, 2009

Came across this Bus that I’m sure would interest our Spring Fling Cook, Pastor Dan Lehman….this is a bus you enter through the rear door, receive a menu instead of a schedule, and pay as you leave. Exact change isn’t required.
The bus (TDH3501) is owned by Tom Martinos in Binghamton, NY. Tom’s Texas Hot Dog Mobile Stand (at least at the time of the article – Bus World – Summer 1986) was set up on Upper Court Street, Binghamton, NY, opposite Conrail’s “BD” Tower on the Ex-Erie Southern Tier Line. At the time the article was written, Tom was planning to buy a railroad passenger car from Susquehanna Railroad to set up a second dining car.
The bus originally operated in Watertown, NY, then Gettysburg, PA, and later worked for Broome Transit in Binghamton, NY. It then became a public relations vehicle for radio station WAAL and ended up at a trucking company before Tom gave it a new career as a dining car.


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