Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not sure how many of you use PayPal or have used PayPal–perhaps with a sale or purchase through eBay. As you know, the Museum had its gift shop online and payment was accepted through PayPal. About two months ago, on a Saturday, when I was out of town, someone hacked into our Museum PayPal Account. Thankfully, we had a small (under $60) amount of money in that account at that time.

It has taken me a full two months to obtain that money back. The person who hacked our account was from CHINA! PayPal was able to retrieve the money back from that person’s account–but here’s where it gets tacky! When I set up this account, so as not to put the Museum at risk, I opened a small checking account to link to the account and used my own Credit Card as the required credit card for PayPal–by the way, the ONLY way to have PayPal send you money that is rightfully yours is to have a Credit Card online with them–not good!

When the person hacked our account, they closed my checking account AND credit card on the PayPal Account AND changed all the contact info AND Password. Now here’s the tricky part–PayPal reinstates the money into that account–the hacker still has control of it. HOWEVER, I can no longer get into the account–when I was finally able to call PayPal and get a real person on the line who spoke and understood English, they said the only thing they could do would be to send a check to the address listed on the account–which had been changed by the hacker! Duh! I asked for a manager–AGAIN, explained the situation and got that check stopped.

I then had to open yet another account and they placed the recovered money into that account……but I had not been able to access it–they would NOT send a check because there is no credit card attached to the account and I will not put the Museum in jeopardy. I finally, today, was able to send a payment to my own account–for which PayPal will charge me a fee–I can then personally write the Museum a check. After the check comes from PayPal, I will be closing my own PayPal account.

Boy, this has been some lesson learned! That is why our gift shop is offline! I certainly would think twice about ever using PayPal again!


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