Thursday, July 30, 2009

I’m going to continue my discussion about books available in our Gift Shop. The Arcadia Publishing books are really wonderful photographic histories of times gone by. They are by far our most popular books.

Many of the so-called trolley books also have pictures of the later buses that came onto the lines–so don’t let the titles fool you–there are many good pictures in these books.

The book I am highlighting today is called Lost Trolley of Queens and Long Island by Stephen L. Meyers with, of course, Long Island being near and dear to my heart! The NY books are VERY popular in our gift shop and in the next few days, I’ll be writing about several of the others that we carry.

An amazing assortment of electric trolley lines once traversed the towns and villages of Queens and Long Island. With names like Jamaica Central, Northport Traction, Ocean Electric, and the Steinway lines, some meandered across meadows and hills while others sped over elevated tracks. There was even one line that had streetcars but no tracks. In the end, all of them helped stitch the countryside into the concentrated suburban area it is today—with barely a trace of the trolleys left anywhere.

This book sells for $19.99 in the gift shop and can be purchased online by using PayPal ( and using our email address ( Please be sure you note the title of the book you want and include $4.00 for media shipping (for a total of $23.99).

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