Thursday, May 14, 2009

As a continuation to my blog on Meet the Board Members–today I’m sharing a picture I took May 5th at the Board meeting. It shows Holly Bedsole, Executive Director the AACA Museum talking to our own Don Barlup. Don owns his own business and is very active with both the Bus Museum and the AACA Automobile Museum. For many years, Don was the liaison between the AACA Museum Board and our Board–when his tenure was up, we appointed him as a regular member of our Board.

Holly is passionate about promoting and preserving the history and future of automobiles which is perfect for her new role as Executive Director of the AACA Museum. Holly was selected for this position by the AACA Board of Directors following a nationwide search. Holly is always welcome at our Board Meetings and keeps us updated on their happenings.

The person on the left front of the picture of Oliver Ogden, busy at work!

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