Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here’s a report on the work session from Tuesday the 4th at the Annex:

Now that we have an air compressor onsite–the fellows were able to fill the tires of the RTS, Greyhound, Michaud and Transbridge buses.

We had a tire company come out to fix the Harran tires–the good news is–the tires are GOOD but 3 of them need the tubes replaced–which should run about $25/tube. Any donations??? Please contact us at if you would like to help us with this situation.

The overhead doorway on the north side of the building which was covered over with a small access door is in the process of being removed. Ed Wolf has donated the funds to replace that with an overhead door. All the parts and pieces are there–but the fellows are doing the labor (saving some $$$) to remove the old door before the door company can put in the new door. Thanks to Ken McNelis who refurbished the parts/pieces (hinges, pulleys) from the doors–so all but a few can be reused.! Good job Ken.


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