Thursday, September 24, 2009

I realize I’m off the beaten track a little here but I thought about signs we see (especially after writing about the Greyhound “hound” signs).

Some of the unusual signs: As you travel around, especially by bus, you have the opportunity to “gaze at the world”:

The Heinz neon sign features a pouring ketchup bottle which empties into the lettering below. The sign, built in 1995, is nearly 43′ tall and uses 1,200 lights. The sign was taken down in 2007 and the company is looking for a new location for it. There are also two 35′ tall neon Heinz bottles that pour ketchup in Heinz Field (football stadium).

In Hopwood, PA, you will encounter this chicken: Ruse’s Roost opened in 1952. The modified walk-up stand now has picnic tables, an indoor dining area and a drive-up takeout window. They also offer 61 flavors of milkshakes, homemade potato chips and Georgia Fried Chicken.

I invite you to send me a picture (.jpg file) of the favorite sign you’ve encountered on your travels–whether it is still an operating business or not. send it to:


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