Thursday, September 25, 2011 WORK UPDATE

On Wednesday, September 14 – the following volunteers showed up: Ken McNelis, Jot Bennett, Tom Mozer

This team concentrated on:

– Parts and Tool Room cleanup; the room is full of mud. Tom Mozer cleaned the cabinets and floor. The refrigerator and microwave were rendered useless and discarded for Derry Township to pickup. Service manuals were placed outside, in the sun, to dry out.

– Small free-standing building. This had been completely under water. All paper goods were destroyed and will be thrown out. Jot Bennett took the models that were on shelves and cases home to dry out (it appears they will survive).


– doors were opened in all buses inside to help them dry out

– roof hatch on Volvo closed to prevent further water damage

Electric Service

Certifed electric inspector contacted by T.Collins was dispatched to the annex to do the final inspection – he called PPL (our electric provider). They will need to install a new meter and then turn on the power (hopefully Thursday (today)).

Insurance Adjustor

Did not show up Wednesday – we will pursue this again today

(NOTE: There is a Saturday work session scheduled for September 17–we have a fair amount of help lined up). Thank you to all the volunteers who are helping with this disaster.


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