Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Soon after the opening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines reported that it would begin long-haul intercity bus routes over the new highway. Prior to the Turnpike, it would take close to 9 hours to travel between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, utilizing Route 22. Now the company was offering twice-a-day service taking only five and 1/4 hours which included a rest stop at Bedford.

Greyhound was the first commercial account for the Turnpike. The PUC granted the company intrastate rights to use the Turnpike with stops at Bedford and Somerset. The provision was that this new service did not have a negative impact on its existing routes. Somerset Bus Company was also granted rights to utilize the Turnpike for service between Somerset, Irwin and Pittsburgh with stops at Donegal and New Stantion.

We happen to find this postcard of the Bedford Post House in our collection and I just thought I’d share some information about Greyhound and the PA Turnpike.

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