Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think I could talk about the Spring Fling forever!!! Today let me introduce you to Bob Devine – he was chosen as the 2007 Volunteer of the Year–Bob comes from northern NJ (so has a 3+ hour drive)–he works fearlessly on the buses–he and Jeff Holland and Ken McNellis refurbished the Altoona Bus–it is so gorgeous…..they are now starting work on the Williamsburg bus–they worked on Saturday on the wheels–here is Bob (with his GREAT shirt on) in his work gloves–he washed down the interior of the Williamsburg bus.

Also, I’d like to comment on all the people who came from all over the country (and I hear, all over the world) to the Spring Fling. Also is a picture of Bev Fitzpatrick and his son who came from Roanoke, VA–they represent the Commonwealth Coach & Trolley Museum (hope I have that right)….we were down there a few years ago and Bev gave us a personal tour, thank you, Bev.

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