Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Again, I want to thank the many sponsors we have for our Spring Fling this year…..this is all due to the great work that Board Member Bob Beard has done for us by writing many, many letters and contacting many people by phone and email. Thanks BOB!

American Bus Association, ABC Companies, APTA (American Public Transportation Association), SETRA Coach; UMA (United Motorcoach Association); Lancer Insurance; Prevost; Michaud Buses for Sale, MCI (Motor Coach Industries), and Vernon and Maz, Inc. (If you don’t see your Company’s name here and believe it should be, contact us through our web site.)

It isn’t easy nor is it free to setup a flea market and since we are only charging a minimal $2 entrance fee, we really could not put on the Spring Fling without our sponsors. And I would be amiss if I didn’t also thank Wolf Bus Lines of York Springs and Conestoga Tours of Lancaster who provide the transportation bus between the Museum and the Memorial Annex. We also want to thank Wolf Bus Lines for sponsoring our T-Shirt this year! It is going to be beaut!


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