Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bus Trivia: Thought you might be interested in some trivia we have dug up…..as I have written about before, there is a new book being published (October 1, 2009 release date) by Iconografix Publishing entitled “Fifth Avenue Coach Company 1885-1960”. We have been proofreading the copy and I thought I would share some of the trivia we have dug up:

In the early days of Fifth Avenue Coach Company, when they were hiring drivers, they preferred men who had never driven cars of any kind since driving a motorcoach under conditions faced in New York City, with responsibility for passengers, was a totally different thing from driving an automobile.

During World War II, many drivers and conductors were women, because the men were off to war.

An afternoon rain might cost Fifth Avenue $1,000 in fares, a morning rain, $2,500–because of the open top, no one would sit up there and get wet! The ride up Fifth Avenue atop a double-decker bus was often a Sunday afternoon outing!

Thursday was the heaviest bus-riding day in New York as it was maids’ day out and many stores were open until 9 pm!


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