Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of the buses we saw on the NJ Turnpike on Saturday when we went to/from New York was the BOLTBUS! The Boltbus network in the northeast radiates from New York City from street stops near NY Penn Station and in Chiniatown, although there are different departure points for different lines. Service is currently available from New York City to Washington Dc at the Mtro Center station, the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, NJ (a highway stop on Route 38) and Boston’s South Station.

BoltBus is a bus line operating in the NE US. It is a 50/50 venture between Greyhound Lines and Peter Pan Bus Lines providing service between NY City and other cities in the NE, utilizing the existing operating authority of Greyhound Lines (although it is run as a distinct business).

Here’s what they offer their riders:

WiFi: free unlimited wireless internet access available to all riders on the bus.
Plug-ins: most of the seat rows have a standard power outlet for laptop, phone, iPod charging, etc.
Legroom: a row of seats has been removed from the bus which means 3 extra inches of legroom.
Loyalty Program: make 4 round trips (8 one ways) on BoltBus and receive a free one-way ticket.
Wheelchair access: Majority of fleet is wheel chair lift equipped per ADA.
Reserved Seating: a confirmation number guarantees you a seat on the bus as long as you arrive five minutes before departure.
Standbys and walkups: walkup requests are processed five minutes before departure and are sold only if space is available.
Boarding Process: passengers are assigned a group (A, B or C) and will board as their group is called.

Sounds like a great innovative idea to me!


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