YIKES! It is TAX DAY! Have you finished your taxes??? I sure hope so–otherwise you wouldn’t have time to be reading this BLOG!

I have recently been writing about donations to the Museum. Another VERY EASY and PAINLESS way to donate to the Museum is to use one of the online donation venues.

http://www.shopformuseums.com/ (founded is 2002) is an online shopping fundraising organization. The program is secure and simple to use.

Simply log onto http://www.shopformuseums.com/ and choose the Museum of Bus Transportation (yes, we have it all set up to choose) – then follow the links to your favorite online retailer and purchase your items as you normally would. The Museum will then receive a percentage of your shopping – there are over 300 retailers available to choose from. This is so easy to do and who doesn’t shop on the Internet today???