Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well, the Susquehanna Valley had another “no snow” snow storm last night….we went to Hershey for the Board Meeting at 6:30 pm–when we came out at 8:10 pm–we had a couple inches of snow! It was a hairy ride home–but 1-1/2 hours later we made it! Ugh.

On a brighter note–before the meeting two of our Board Members moved the Capitol Flxible from the Annex to the Museum and put it in place of the Forrest Gump bus. The Flx is a typical bus that was used by the Negro Leagues Baseball Teams.

If you have the chance, you’ve got to come meet Mr. Willie Fordham–he is such a delightful person and has so much knowledge about the Negro Leagues–you could just see his face light up after we moved the Flx inside the building and he got in it–you could see all those memories coming back!


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