Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If you were unable to attend the Spring Fling, plese checkout the gift shop page of the Museum’s website (–as we are featuring the NEW sage green shirts sponsored by Wolf Bus Lines with the Fitzjohn on it that is currently on loan to us and on the Museum floor. It is a GREAT looking shirt with the Wolf Bus Lines logo on the back of the shirt — in fact, the ONLY shirt we have with printing on the back of the shirt.

Also, please note that that we no longer have the 3x sizes in the Michaud shirts (so they were removed from the website selling)–they are going fast, so if you want one–email me ( and I can still grab one and ship it to you ($21.95 includes the shipping cost).

We are also out of the tan golf shirts with the Museum logo.
So don’t be left out–get your new Fitzjohn shirt today!

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