Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is another workday at the Annex—all in preparation for the upcoming SPRING FLING. Today they are starting on trash control and ground prep–weed control and grass cutting. With all the rain in the Susquehanna Valley in the last two weeks–everything green has taken over! Dan Lehman, Tom Mozer, Tom Collins and Oliver Ogden will be at the Annex this morning.

Last Friday, Tom Mozer, Ken McNellis, Oliver Ogden, and Bob Devine worked at the Annex. They got the RV covers that had been taken off the week before out of the buses and laid them out to dry (since it was a nice dry day). They then packed them away for the season. Oliver worked in the shed working with files and on then worked the museum floor.

Bob and Ken installed a destination sign and painted some interior on the AMTRAN. Looks good! Jeff Holland was over for a while and helped also. His father was in a bad accident and Jeff is trying to stay close to home to help him. The accelerator still sticks on the Amtran and you must be careful after air pressure builds up. With Ken’s help, Tom moved it to the corner of the stone on the right side of the Checker.

We put chairs around the pit as a safety precaution.

The Harran– Oliver borrowed the gas pump from the car museum and Tom pumped the old gas out of the Harran. Tom put about 30 gallons back in the Harran to get it running. The electric fuel pump didn’t work until thesecond 15 gallons went in the tank. Tom put Sta Bil in the one tank and would recommend more for the second tank. Tom also sprayed Carb Cleaner in the carb. The Harran seems to run alright now and does hold an idle. Next time Tom is at the annex he’ll clean the carb with lacquer thinner.

So you can see a lot of work was accomplished.


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