Buses Evacuated From Annex Today

With Hurricane Sandy threatening the East Coast and with many of the forecasts calling for the storm to make landfall somewhere between Delaware & New England, a decision was made to evacuate the buses stored at the annex today. Ken McNelis and Tom Mozer drove the buses that could be moved from the annex to the museum parking lot. Tom Collins assisted as the chase driver. Mark Watson happened to stop by, unaware that the evacuation was taking place. Mark took Tom Collins’ place so Tom could go to the museum to finish the last minute preparations for tomorrow’s annual meeting. A handful of buses are still at the annex as of the time of this posting. The Long Beach RTS and the Michaud GM “Little Spike” would not start and the Peter Pan MC-5 needs a jump start. Ed Wolf will assist Ken & Tom Mozer tomorrow after the meeting to get those buses started and moved. Worst case scenario if they can’t be started: Ed will pull them into the annex garage. The CAT Fishbowl (air bags) and SEPTA Volvo (engine) cannot be moved and unfortunetly are stuck outside the annex. The Richmond AM General is also outside, but has been sold for scrap and will be removed from the annex property soon. Mark, Ken & Tom Mozer also moved various tools, battery chargers and other items to the highest points possible inside the annex, and after tomorrow’s efforts to move the remaining buses, the annex will be secured as we keep our fingers crossed and pray that the storm does not inflict any serious damage or flooding such as was seen last year. Thank You to Ken, Tom, Tom & Mark for your help today

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