Friday, April 3, 2009

Bus Trivia: Did you know the fuel efficiency of public transit compared to the average commuter car is: 1 bus with 7 passengers = 1 car; 1 full bus = 6 cars!

A transit bus uses 8.7% less energy per passenger mile than a typical car. Public transit reduces fuel consumption by about 1.5 billion gallons annually.

The American Public Transit Association estimates that, for every $1 invested in transit, business revenues increase $3 to $3.50 nationwide. The Federal Transit Administration estimates that the 80 million Americans who live in transit-intensive metropolitan areas save $20 billion in auto costs each year!

One full 40-foot bus is equivalent to a line of 58 moving automobiles stretching 6 city blocks (more than 1/2 mile) if traffic is moving at 25 mph. If all the Americans who take transit decided to drive instead, their cars would circle the Earth with a line of traffic 23,000 miles long! (Yikes! And we think the traffic is congested now!)


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