Friday, July 9, 2010

Social Media is the newest way to be in touch with the world and get more bus fans! We need to keep this fresh in order to compete in the world of electronic media…..we need to keep our supporters up-to-date with information about the Museum.


We are now averaging 40 hits a day.

During our Buses of the Negro Leagues Baseball Teams exhibit we averaged 50/hits a day. The day the NY Times picked up the story and put it in their blog—we had almost 300 hits on our website on one day! Definitely an all-time record.


We have 15 “followers” and had been averaging about 10 hits per day. However, since we have a presence on Facebook – we have been averaging 23 hits per day. Also, everytime I posted about our new Fageol—the hits increased that day! I spend many hours researching all types of bus information and trivia to put on the blog—not only about the Museum but about buses in general.

Facebook – search BUS MUSEUM
We have 611 “followers” on Facebook—which means 611 people see our posts EVERYTIME I post something on Facebook! We are enjoying an average of 28 interactions a week—which means some of our followers are posting on our site items about the Museum. We have people from 20 countries + the United States! I think this is awesome and I accomplished this just during the last two month in large part with the help and encouragement of Jim Michaud.


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