Friday, May 29, 2009

We are getting closer every day–a week from today is our SPRING FLING! We are pleased to present this two days this year (Friday and Saturday, June 5 and 6th). As I have said before, there is a nominal entrance fee this year (just $2.00). As in past years, parking is available at the Museum (161 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA) with shuttle bus to the Memorial Annex. There will be buses on display in the parking lot of the Museum as well as surround the Memorial Annex. Just so everyone knows, due to limited space, there is NO PARKING available at the Memorial Annex. Vendors are allowed one vehicle each. We have so many buses to park outside that we just don’t have the room. Please also remember, that the house in front of the property is privately owned and we DO NOT own the parking outside the fence–so do NOT PARK THERE!

We are hoping for a few nice days before the Fling (it rained Tuesday and some Wednesday–forecast for rain through Friday this week) so that we can get the Pierce Arrow out from its storage at the Museum and cleaned and polished so that it can be on display.

As in other years, we will have food available at the Memorial Annex so you can spend the entire day (not having to worry about going somewhere for lunch)–and enjoy the display of buses and the displays inside the Annex as well as all the vendor tables. See you on then!


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