Friday, September 24, 2010

It is finally here–be the first one to get a copy–visit the Gift Shop online at NOTE – there is a glitch with me uploading to the website–so until that is fixed–you won’t find the book here…not sure what the problem is as I was able to upload to it the night before….have an email into them…hoping to get it fixed quickly.

Here is Bob Smith’s book on the Museum’s Timeline! Looking GREAT!

The Twentieth Century was a milestone in itself for transportation history, and buses played a major role in the transformation of America. The Museum of Bus Transportation presents this special book about the buses that made a difference, from the first Mack bus in America, the famous and few double-deckers, postwar sightseeing buses, and the various innovative designs that defined the modern bus. Important models, manufacturers, bus lines, innovative features and designs are featured with captions presenting their contributions to bus history. With this educational timeline through captioned photographs, follow the growth of the bus industry from 1895 through the 20th Century.

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