Recent Post-Flood Work

Just wanted to update you on recent post-flood cleanup activity:

On December 20th Tom Mozer marked 3 buses for removal at the annex. Tom also updated the flood log and delivered it to the museum.

On January 6th Paul Johnson flatbedded the 36 Chevy from Wolf’s garage to the annex, at Wolf”s the following work was done: fluids were changed, brakes repaired, carburator rebuilt and battery replaced. Once taken off the flatbed at the annex it was driven into the garage under it’s own power. Tom Mozer opened the garage and closed the windows on the 4106. The 4104 is now at Wolf’s.

Thank you to Tom and Paul for your help and also thank you to Ed Wolf and all the folks at Wolf’s Bus Lines for the use of the garage space and helping out with the repairs.


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