Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The oldest bus in our fleet, 1927 FAGEOL SAFETY COACH livery generic (brown and tan) with a destination sign that reads “1927” was built by Fageol Motors, which was founded in 1916 to manufacture motor trucks, farm tractors and automobiles in Oakland, CA.

In 1921 it became the first company to build a bus from the ground up. This new bus was called the “Safety Bus”. The goal was to build a bus that wasn’t prone to overturning when cornering. It had a wide track, and was lower to the ground to ensure the passengers’ safety and ease of entry and exit. Following shortly on the heels of the success of the Safety Bus was the larger 22-seat “Safety Coach”. The factory was located in Oakland, California. Unfortunately, the company did not make it through the depression of the early 1930s. It went into receivership and the bank assumed control and re-organized under the name Fageol Truck and Coach. The Fageol brothers left the company in 1927 to form a bus manufacturing company called the Twin Coach Company, which was located in Kent. Ohio.

Our beautiful Fageol has very unusual seats in it–see the picture to the right.

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