Tuesday, October 24, 2011 UPDATE

Tom Mozer and Ed Wolf worked all day at the Annex–here’s what they accomplished:
Trans Bridge – air in system, back off brakes, towed out of building and prepped for Wednesday tow.
4106: Drained and replaced engine & trans oil. Ready to start.
Bonanza: Put up on blocks. Drained transmission oil.
Williamsburg: Put up on blocks in preparation for fluid drain.
CAT Fishbowl: Moved back 6 feet to allow movement in annex.
Michaud: Towed to Middletown for flood recovery work.
4104: Towed to Middletown for flood recovery work
Some floor clean up where MCI 9B was parked.
Emergency instructions posted.
Trash from floor clean up disposal
Tarp put in dumpster at museum.

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