Tuesday, September 13, 2011 UPDATE

Three volunteers (Ed Wolf, Paul Johnson, and Tom Collins) – some assistance in the morning from Museum staff Tom Border and Paul Taylor.

The Museum suggested using “their” outside electric contractor to check out our lines and service in preparation for PPL to turn on the power. The technician spent about 6 hours working on our switch box, etc…..the PPL meter was full of water and PPL was advised and will replace it prior to start of service…all the fuses in the box etc have been replaced.

Our technician needs to have his superior “certify” the work – then we call PPL back (referring to the “job number”) and we should have power by no later than Thursday the 15th.

Our Condon and Skelly adjustor did not show today but had advised us, earlier, that it might take him a few days to get over – in the meantime we can’t move any buses out of the garage until he ascertains the damage.

Ed Wolf, assisted by Paul Johnson worked on the following buses:

Capitol 4l06…..drained engine, air filer, and transmission

Bonanza MC-9….engine and air filer drained

Peter Pan 2903…..engine and transmission drained

Long Beach RTS…..engine and transmission drained

Trans-Bridge MC-9…..engine drained

Here’s the VERY GOOD NEWS: the RTS and Trans-Bridge engines turned over and were left running for a period.

NOTE: The Museum staff volunteered to power wash the Harran Flxible….in return they want to put it on the outside display – with the Studebaker (which is to be replaced with a ‘40s Chevrolet)

Taylor Made Services, of Hershey, will inspect the buses to see about cleaning them inside (they have some experience with this).

We opened both storage trailers–the one with the paperwork is a mess – most likely we will simply trash the paper items; the other one with the tables is OK…just muddy ….tables appear to be OK.

Small Office: We could not open it…we wanted to see how much damage we had with the models, etc.

Dumpster has been ordered but, due to high demand, will not be delivered until Tuesday, Sept 20th (Museum low rates will apply as previously).

Goal: to have us back as normal as possible by the Annual Meeting – October 29


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